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It’s important for patients to stay educated about oral health in order to properly look after their smile every day… and to stay motivated to do so. Our Mississauga dentists are happy to share monthly blog articles with patients, covering interesting topics about dentistry and oral health. Our goal is to keep you informed (and excited) about oral health care.

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August 2017

Five Primary Causes of Bad Breath
Is halitosis getting in the way of your confidence?

Bad breath, technically termed “halitosis”, is a very common oral health issue with a number of potential causes. It’s important to know what’s causing your bad breath in order to successfully prevent it. Read more...

July 2017

High Fillings: What Are They, and What Should You Do?
When a filling just isn’t right, it might be too high…

“Ouch! My bite feels off… could it be my new filling?” Most likely. Read more...

May 2017

Four Common Myths about Oral Health
Do you believe any of these "facts"?

Are you a believer in any of these common oral health myths? Let’s find out. Read more...