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Bloor Street Dental Offers Many Services to Restore Smiles and Gum health

Services We Offer

Maintaining optimal oral health is essential for every patient and is only possible with regular dental visits. If you are experiencing any gum disease symptoms, tooth pain, or have inflammation of the gums, you must come in for an oral evaluation as soon as possible. Dr. Ariana will put together a custom treatment plan to help you achieve and maintain optimal oral health.

General Dentistry

Dr. Ariana and his team will help you maintain optimal oral health with regular dental cleanings. If you are experiencing gum disease symptoms, tooth pain or gum inflammation, schedule an appointment with our dentist today. For more information about the general dentistry services we offer, visit our general dentistry page.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Ariana can restore smile confidence with our many cosmetic dentistry options. We offer a range of innovative treatments and solutions to straighten crooked teeth, cover up damaged or fractured teeth, and brighten up your smile. Visit our cosmetic dentistry page to see more about our procedures.

Periodontal Treatments

Our dentist can help restore gum health if you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease, bone loss and gum recession. To see the treatments we offer visit our periodontal treatment page.


We offer oral sedation and nitrous oxide to help patients feel more calm and comfortable throughout their procedure. Visit our sedation page to read more about oral sedation and nitrous oxide.

Sleep Apnea

Many patients who experience sleep apnea symptoms such as fatigue throughout the day, headaches upon waking, or falling asleep during waking hours can benefit from sleep apnea treatment. Visit our sleep apnea page to read more about our treatment options.

Advanced Dental Technologies to Provide a High Standard of Care

Dr. Ariana and his team provide a high level of care for all patients with laser dentistry services and modern dentistry practices. Our office is equipped with dental equipment including digital x-ray machines, the WaterLase system, and the Biolase laser. Whether you need general dentistry services to maintain optimal oral health or cosmetic services to enhance your smile, we are here to make sure you receive a high level of care you need. Visit our dental technologies page to read more about our treatment options.

At our dental clinic in Mississauga, we strive to provide quality individualized care to every patient we meet.

Our wide range of dental treatments are suitable for the whole family. Whatever it is you may need to ensure the health and appearance of your unique smile, our friendly Mississauga dentists and team are here to help! You can trust us with your smile. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.